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At Wilshire Timepieces, we are dedicated to timeless timepieces. Specializing in watch making, we aim to provide the world with pure and refined classical timepieces, because only the classics stand the test of time.

With our original designs and handmade leather straps, our pieces tell the world exactly who you are.

Other watch brands might choose a more modern aesthetic, or try to place their own twist on tradition. But we’ll always stay true to the classics. Why try to change something that time has already perfected?

Besides, striving to be timeless takes real commitment. That’s why we’re not just another watch brand, here to mass produce second-rate designs. At Wilshire Timepieces, our work is built on a dedication to quality. Client satisfaction is at the heart of who we are.

Built on a timeless heritage

Wilshire Timepieces was built on a foundation of family artistry. Stemming from a long lineage of jewelers and gem traders, Wilshire’s very own founder embarked on a mission to revitalize his family legacy (you could say it was all just a matter of time).

So far, the Wilshire team is comprised of an international team of artisans, designers, and horologists.